Maccaroni Folenghiani with Castelfranco’s Roses

Maccaroni Folenghiani with Castelfranco’s RosesIngredients (for 4 people):

For the dough
400 gr. stale bread soaked in milk
150 gr. ricotta
80 gr. Bastardo del Grappa cheese
Grana Padano
1 egg
00 flour

Sieve the ingredients and season. Mix together to form a dough, adding the flour to stop it becoming too wet. Let it rest, then pull the dough into long sausages and grate, using a large hole grater.

For the dressing
20 gr. finely chopped onion
a little extra virgin olive oil
150 gr. thinly sliced castellano radicchio
a little white wine
a little salt

Braise the ingredients and once cooked, take the pan off the heat and add 80 gr. butter, the cooked gnocchi and plenty of Grana Padano.

Recipe submitted by:
Ristorante al Golf – Castelfranco Veneto