Marzemino Frizzante

Marzemino FrizzanteClassification: Marzemino Frizzante
Location of Vineyards: Breganze area
Grape variety: 100% Marzemina
Bottles produced: 27,000 x 750 ml
Vinification: soft pressing to extract the top-grade must only, fermentation in heat-conditioned stainless steel tanks. In the spring following the grape harvest, the wine undergoes second fermentation in stainless steel tanks using the Charmat method. The freshness of the product is achieved by using a significant amount of Marzemina grape juice, maintained fresh throughout the year, along with the base wine before refermentation.
Bottling: with pressure control, at 2.5 bars.
Colour: deep, shiny ruby red
Bouquet: fruity with hints of berries and violets
Taste: sweet and fruity reminiscent of strawberries and blackcurrants
Alcohol content: 10,5% vol
Serving temperature: 10-12° C

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